YOUtopia 2016: Choose Your Own Adventure

For those of you who know my best friend and roommate, Hippiechick, you’ll know that she loves being right. Well, I have to admit that when she said that YOUtopia, the Burning Man weekend campout in San Diego county, was the best local festival around, I was somewhat skeptical. After all, I had already attend no less than seven festivals already this summer.

But, having returned from YOUtopia, I have to admit that it was, for me, the best Burning Man-flavored event on the West coast. It was just like the Burn, but smaller, shorter and with shade and no dust. The vibe was totally accurate and although the hills kind-of kicked my ass, the mountains were beautiful.

Many thanks to Camp RW and Jason Master Mind for hosting us and for throwing such an awesome Saturday brunch for the community. Oh yeah, the highlight of the weekend; Refoamation!

And, as always, thanks to the lovely denizens of YOUtopia, for letting me take YOUr picture!

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