Sunset Trip Fundraiser

Now, THAT was a party…

The Sunset Trip is a collaboration of 4 Los Angeles based burning man camps: Camp Charlie, Dirty Beetles, Transmorphagon, and Tasty Noodles. And, it takes some hard work and money to bring the Trip to Burning Man, so they threw this fundraiser. And what a fundy it was! Check out this list of DJs; divaDanielle, Fleetwood Smack, Winnebago & Bhettosauce, Hooni, Todd Spero, Gina Calderoni, Loomer, LiquorBox, Lou E Bagels, Luxe Laredo, Bk Willy, Kurtz, Bruche, Friskie Business, Leo Altmann, XANDER, O Diggs and Everyman as your host and MC. Visuals were provided by Yayfuzzy.

This was an old-skool underground party that started at 10p and wrapped at 7a. Two rooms of music in a large downtown LA venue insured that the partygoers plenty of room to shake their bodies. Although there were no “cuddle spaces”, the venue had an indoor beach, a big sandbox where people could spread out a blanket and hang with a circle of friends. All in all, it was a really great party. Congratulations and thanks to Chino, divaDanielle, Lou E. Bagels and Tasty Noodles for an evening of sweaty, bouncy fun!



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