Staring at Goats: The Kern Family Farm



When Laura and I went to Burning Man last year, we camped with young couple, Aaron and Lisa. They both work on a farm which is owned by Aaron’s family, the Kern Family Farm. The farm is located in the mountains of the Sierra National Forest, the nearest town is North Fork (“The exact center of California!” proclaim the signs leading into town.), a little less than an hour east of Fresno.


KFFlogoThe farm is run by Hansel Kern, who started the farm in 1989. The Kerns grow organic vegetables and raise goats, chickens and other animals sustainably, as the farm is off the grid. The veggies, along with eggs, goat milk and cheese are sold in their membership farm store.


Laura and I are both big fans of goats. They are friendly and cute, despite the fact that their triangular face and the horns make them look like Satan. When Laura heard about the farm, she said that we would like to come up for Spring Break and visit, which is what we did this weekend.


When the Kerns invited us up, we had no idea that we would be staying in “The Studio” a one-room chalet off a cliff overlooking Lake Redinger. You can look at the pictures, but they don’t do justice to the commanding view and the silence. What a gift! We also milked goats, planted walnut trees and hung out with the animals. We came home both relaxed and sore.


We would like to thank Hansel and his wife, Susan, and Aaron and Lisa (who took the picture of Laura and me) for their generous hospitality.


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