Que Viva Camp, Burning Man 2016

Honestly, in all of my 15 years at Burning Man, I would be hard-pressed to recall a camp with so much love for each other. This year, Que Viva Camp was a family, a team, a well-oiled machine and a powerful focal point for awareness and understanding of the issues of social justice at Burning Man.

I will never the forget the beautiful altar you made for Laura and for the fallen of Black Lives Matter, shaving Ashara’s head, the fantastic food (BBQ ribs on the playa!), the wide-eyed wonder of the virgins and the helpful guidance of the elders and, of course, “Who wants some whiskey?!”

Thank you for the incredible support and love and for giving me the space to experience the Burn on my own my own terms and for being there as we honored my amazing partner, Laura Diamond. Like Laura, all of you will live forever in my heart.

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