Phuket, Thailand

After I decided to move out of where I was living and to travel Southeast Asia for six months, I realized that, for the first time in my life, I didn’t have a home in Los Angeles.

It seems even weirder to say “Yeah, I’m living in Thailand now.”

I have a single apartment here on Phuket, in Sam Kong district. Sam Kong is located in the center of the island, between the older Phuket Town with it’s colonial architecture reminiscent of New Orleans, and Patong, the hard-partying touristy area where it’s easier to get a tattoo than a cup of coffee. If I could compare Sam Kong to, say a place in Los Angeles, I’d say it’s something like Burbank; solidly middle-class working people, with a few ex-pats and tourists.

Of course, Burbank, in fact, the Los Angeles area doesn’t have beaches like Phuket. They are amazing, and there beaches on other islands just a ferry boat away that are even more spectacular! It’s an incredibly beautiful place to live. Yeah, I know, I’ll see how I feel about it in the rainy season.

To give you some idea of the beauty that is Phuket, here a video and some pictures of my new home town.


Saphan Hin Park, Phuket Town, low tide

Sweet treats at Chillva Market, Sam Kong

Vendors sellijng sushi at Chillva Market, Phuket, Thailand.

Chillva Market, Sam Kong

My friend, Ashara, came to visit for a day. She then took over Patong Beach, tourists falling at her feet to ask for a selfie.

Panoramic View of Phuket Town, Phuket City View Point

Spirit House, Khao Rang Hill, Phuket

Khao Rang Hill, Phuket

Ratsada Korsimbi Na Ranong, governor of Phuket around the turn of the 20th century. Khao Rang Hill, Phuket

Khao Rang Hill, Phuket

Panoramic View of Phuket Town, Phuket City View Point at night

Mural of King Bhumibol the Great in Phuket Town, Christmas Eve

Old Phuket Town

I see myself in the eyes of a stranger.

Sitting Buddha, Wat Khao Rang Samakkhitham, Phuket

Wat Ban Ko Sire

Wat Ban Ko Sire

View from Wat Ban Ko Sire

Sunrise at Poem Suk Beach, Phuket

Sunrise at Poem Suk Beach, Phuket

Where I live now.

Strait of Malacca, Phuket, Thailand

Patong Beach, tourist capitol of Phuket

My ride.

Banana Beach, Phuket

Banana Beach, Phuket

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