Phuket: Monkey Hill

If you look out the window of the place where I live in Phuket, you can’t miss Toh Sae Hill, also known as Monkey Hill.

As one of the tallest hills in Phuket, Monkey Hill is the home for the transmitting towers for the local TV stations. It’s also the home for many more than a barrel of (macaque) monkeys. After looking at the hill everyday for a month now, I decided that I wanted to reverse the perspective and see what my place looked like from the hill. Unfortunately, there were no clear views of the Arc of Light from Monkey Hill to take a picture from, but I was great to finally see what was going on up there.

If you decide to visit Monkey Hill, remember that, although the macaques can be very friendly and with gladly accept bananas from visitors, they can also exhibit some aggressive behavior, especially alpha males and females with babies around. They will also steal anything that is loose on or around you, so make sure that all of your important stuff is secured. The monkeys don’t need any more cell phones.


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