Love Long Beach Festival 2016

The Love Long Beach Festival was held this weekend and it was very popular. How popular? Well, the event was shut down Sunday afternoon by Long Beach police for having too many people! A great day at the beach, amazing deep house music (Curated by Subtract Music), for free? No wonder!

The festival was an all ages welcome, kid and family friendly event, spreading the magic of Long Beach with DJs, fire performers, art show, arts and crafts, food court, vendors, run swim run and stand up paddle races, volleyball, football, sand soccer and yoga.

Moreover, it was a great opportunity for the general population to get a taste of what the underground/festival/day party scene in Los Angeles is like. This type of event is becoming more popular as an alternative to night time and less family-friendly events.

The more the merrier. Thanks for letting me take your picture!

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