Lightning in a Bottle 2015

This was my second “Lighting in a Bottle presented by The Do Lab” in two years and what a difference a year makes.

LIB again took place at San Antonio Recreation Area in Bradley, California. It used to be the Lake San Antonio Recreation Area, but the lake has been gone for several years now. LIB is spread out over what would be peninsulas of the lake.052214 LIB019 Last year, if you wanted to travel from one “finger” to the next, you would have to climb down and up several ridiculously difficult stairs. And that sucked.

Fortunately, The Do Lab made sure that wasn’t the case this year, instead, building a set of bridges from one area to another. Not only did it make traversing the event a lot easier, it spawned a meme: “The High Five Bridge”. The two opposite of people would high five each other all the way across the way. So much yes!

I went to LIB to again photograph for The Family Love Village. Thank you so much to Tangee, Eva and Sonia for letting me bring Laura along this year. I had a blast shooting the kids (that doesn’t sound right) and hanging out with my friends. And, to top it off, Saturday was my Birthday!

Thanks and much love for everyone in this album and special love and appreciation to my lovely wife, Laura.



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