Lightning in a Bottle 2014

After a six-year hiatus from my first visit, I returned for the second time to the Lightning in a Bottle festival, held in Bradley, CA, which is almost exactly half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The San Antonio Recreation area was the site for this year’s LIB. In past years, it was referred to as San Antonio Lake, but due to extreme drought conditions in Calfiornia, the lake was in order to conserve water at another nearby lake. The last time I went to LIB, it was my birthday weekend. So, when I was asked to take pictures for the Family Love Village in exchange for a ticket, I happily agreed. This year, my birthday fell on Friday of the event. As for my experience of the event, my favorite moments occurred when I was just hanging out with friends (I never knew I could have so much fun in a ditch!) Much love and many thanks to the Family Love Village for taking me with them to LIB (You can see the pictures from LIB here.), and to my “FestiPals” Johnny, Laura and Craig.

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