Layan Beach & Patong

On this trip, Bubba and I went to meet up with some of his friends from Italy and Switzerland (And yes, incredibly, went to school with and knows Nicole!). We started out heading North to Thalang District, and the Dream Beach Club, a fancy-shmancy hotel on the amazing Layan Beach.

Our friends from Italy, had never seen Bangla Road before, which is just about why anyone who lives in Phuket goes to Bangla Road. For you LA people, think of what would happen if the Venice Boardwalk and the Las Vegas had a 3-block long baby. That’s Bangla Road.

I generally don’t bring the big camera to Bangla Road or it’s surrounding city of Patong, but when we headed out, I didn’t know where we could end up. I guess it was meant to, because I got some nice pictures of the circus at night.

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