It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here. Here’s why.

On Oct 7, my wife, Laura “Diamond Cutter” Diamond and I were riding our motorcycle and were involved in a accident in which my beautiful wife and best friend was killed.

Laura and I were together for just seven years. She came from a former marriage and had raised four kids when I met her. We met, got engaged and married at Burning Man. Laura fulfilled a life-long dream by graduating (on the Dean’s Honor Roll) from UCLA this year. She was also an activist, fighting for income equality through the Occupy movement. Most recently, she fought and won the challenge to make some tickets to Burning Man available to low-income artists of color.

Laura was also an amazing artist, whose talents bloomed in the brief second part of her life. We met each other at exactly the right time and together, we made each other better people, like two logs burning with the same fire.

I miss her so.

I suffered a broken ankle in the accident and will probably be on crutches until the spring. I’ve spent my days moving to a different place to live (with a hell of a lot of help friends), taking care of all of the stuff you have to take care when something like this happens and thinking about…well, trying not to think.

But I can’t seem to not take pictures. I won’t be doing events for a while, but if you’d like, you can follow me on Instagram here:

In the meantime, I’ve put together this album of pictures of my Laura. Although I’ll never be able to take her picture again, I’m grateful to have these photos to remember her and our beautiful time together.

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