KSHMR @ Maya Music Festival

Wow, that was fun!

I have photographed many EDM shows, but never one as big as the Maya Music Festival in Pattaya, Thailand. I ended up doing this show because my nephew, who I have never hung out with before, is the tour manager for an EDM artist called KSHMR (pronounced “Kashmir”). He’s pretty famous and well-received. He’s is currently #12 on Billboard’s list of the top 100 DJs in the world. So I got a chance to hang out with my kick-ass nephew, Justin Edwards and shoot a top artist on a HUGE stage in front of tens of thousands of ravers! Justin and Niles (KSHMR) showed such respect for me, even though I had never shot for them.

I did my best and I think that the pictures came out pretty well, so enjoy! Thanks, Justin, Niles, Max and the KSHMR fans of Pattaya for letting me take your picture!

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