In Unicorns We Trust

Unicorns. as you might guess, celebrate Independence Day different from most other beings. Instead of fireworks, they set off soundworks, which exactly why Camp Charlie and The Cruz Coalition presented “In Unicorns We Trust”, a three-stage roman candle of house, breaks and techno.

The star-spangled selectors featured special guest and Chicago House music legend, DJ Heather and also included Cameron St. Denis, Erik Nelson, EVA, Friskie Business, Hart , Juneau , June Funda, LiquorBox, Loomer, Mahal, Todd Spero, Vitamin-G, Wes Smith and Mark Zabala.

P.S. You may be asking why there is a picture of trash cans in the set. That’s recycling with a cause! 100% of the recyclables collected were donated to the “Music From A Bottle” Foundation, which helps build Music & Art programs for School Districts in need. They asked me to post a picture to spread the word, so there.

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