Ignight Fire Flow Conference

This was my first IgNight. Many friends had told me about what a wonderful experience it was and they were not mistaken.

In addition to having a great time and reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones, I had to opportunity to take some amazing photos of people, Joshua Tree (another new experience) and, of course, fire. Lots and lots of pictures of fire!

Out of over 3000 images, I culled the ones down to a more manageable number, over 500, which is still too many, so I got it number down to almost 350. That’s a lot, but I know that many of the people attending IgNight spun fire for the first time that weekend, and I wanted them to have a memory of that. Also, if there is an awesome picture of you, there are probably more, so contact me directly if you are interested.

Many thanks to Tupa, the crew, the amazing performers and of course to all of the attendees for making this such a delightful experience for me!

Thanks for letting me take your picture!

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