Help make Burning Man more than just a party in the desert

Do you see Burning Man as being more than just a playground for the privileged?

Would you like to help make it truly a more Radically Inclusive community?

Donate to Que Viva! Camp Burning Man 2015

Laura and I are planning our yearly trip to Burning Man. This will be number 8 for Laura and 14 for me.

This will be the third year that we have camped with Que Viva! Camp. Que Viva! is dedicated to social change, both off and on the Playa, bringing artists, activists and issues like immigration and racial justice to the playa in a celebratory, magical, Burning Man way.

Favianna_ButterflyWingsResident artist and activist Favianna Rodriguez will again bring her project “Migration is Beautiful” to Burning Man. Que Viva! Camp “gifts” to the people of Black Rock City the opportunity to make their own wearable Monarch butterfly wings. The design of the wings is based on Favianna’s creative vision, but each person paints them to make them uniquely their own.

The Monarch butterfly, which migrates from Mexico through the United States into Canada, symbolizes the natural instinct and right of all living creatures to migrate. Favi’s design features a human face profiled in each wing as a way to humanize the concept of migration and change the way people view migrants.

Que Viva!’s video both allows visitors to record their own migration stories, whether transnational or just to Black Rock City, adding them to an archive and projecting them out onto the playa (ground) at night. Participants will receive laser-etched “BRC Permanent Residency Tags.”

This year’s art budget is $3700. We will also be acquiring additional shade structures, so that our artist and their team can survive the hot Nevada desert sun without living in an RV.

2015 will mark the third year we have been at Black Rock City, raising awareness, igniting creativity, championing inclusiveness and having hella fun! We need your help to bring our racial justice art project back to Burning Man. Below is a gallery of some images from last year’s Burn. If you like what you see going on at Que Viva! Camp,  Click here to donate and make this year even better!




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