Burning Man 2013, “Cargo Cult”

Here is my gallery of pictures taken at this year’s Burning Man festival.

Laura and I had an awesome burn. We had decided to skip this year, but changed our minds and prepared for a week on the playa in just three days.

We were lucky enough to wings-1be welcomed into Camp “Que Viva!”. The mission of “Que Viva!” is to raise awareness of the contribution of migration to this country. At our camp, Burners were invited to tell their own story of migration, whether it be from a different country ortheir migration to Black Rock City. A video booth recorded their story. At night, the stories were projected onto the ground in front of our camp for all to see and hear.

Also, visitors were invited to make their own butterfly wings. The monarch butterfly migrates from Mexico to Canada, so artist/activist Favianna Rodgriguez choose the butterfly as the symbol of the cause.

Many thanks to Brooke, Rich, Juana and our other lovely campmates for making this week possible! Que Viva!

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