Burning Man

The Man at Dusk

Burning Man is an annual experiment in temporary community dedicated to radical self-expression and radical self-reliance. It takes place in the middle of a dry lake bed, 120 miles north of Reno, Nevada. The event is always held at the end of summer, the week of, and including, Labor Day weekend.

The city which arises from Black Rock Lake grows in size as the week progress, reaching a capacity of 50,000 by Saturday. Burning Man means something different to everyone who has been there, as well as those who haven’t. For me, Burning Man is about art, music, survival, community and freedom.

I attended my first Burning Man in 2002. I’ve been every year since. I met my wife, Laura aka Diamond Cutter, in 2008. We got married there in 2010.

Burning Man is also what fired my photographic creativity. I feel in love with not only the event, but also, it’s people, especially the Los Angeles Burning Man community.

Burning Man Image Gallery: My favorite images from 13 years at Burning Man.

Burning Man Image Gallery Submissions: I have been honored to have 15 of my photographs included in the official Burning Man Image Galleries. Click here to see the images on the Burning Man website.

Burner: Tales from the Playa: “Burner: Tales from the Playa” is a one-man show about Burning Man, written and performed by Tony Edwards, who goes by the “playa name” of OhTony. It is the true story of a six-time “Burner” and chronicles the joy, heartbreak, amazement and life lessons learned at Burning Man, the annual festival which takes place on Black Rock Lake, a remote, dry lake bed in Northern Nevada, loving known to Burners as “the playa”. Videos in four parts.

Videos: Mini-movies I’ve made at Burning Man.


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