The Man Burns, 2002

2002 was my first year at Burning Man. I camped with a lovely group of folks who called themselves Homeslice. Thank you, ‘slicers for putting up with this silly virgin. Anyway, I was very much into consumer video at the time, so I shot and edited this video of my first burn, “The Floating World”.

The Jazz Garden, 2003

In 2003 (2004 and 2005 as well), I again camped with Homeslice. This year, our camp decided to build a large climbing tower as a gift to Black Rock City. This video is from Homeslice’s Tower fundraiser.

Homeslice, 2003

After many hours of hard work, we finished the tower, but we fell behind schedule. Consequently, we didn’t have a chance to fully assemble and erect the tower before we got to Burning Man. This video Homeslice’s proud erection…and other scenes from Burning Man 2003, “Beyond Belief”.

Bad Ass Bitches, 2006

In 2006, I camped with a group of friends called “The Red Light District”. One of the features of Burning Man that has remained over all of these years is Thunderdome, which is a smaller, slightly safer version of the Thunderdome from the Mad Max movie. Two of my campmates, Nadia and Carla decided to battle it out and I was there with my camera. From Burning Man 2006, “Hope and Fear: The Future”.

The Man Burns, 2008

After seven years of camping with large, organized camps, in 2008, I decided to dial it down a notch. How casual was our camp? It was just called “That Camp”. Though the vibe was chill, the fun and friendship factors were off the charts! Plus, 2008 was the year that I met Laura, who was camped right across the street. Though we would eventually get married at Burning Man 2010, that year we didn’t spend the burn together. Instead, I hung out with “That Camp. Much love to “Da Beard”, who you can see driving our art car.

The 11:11 Monument, 2011



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