Burning Man 2015

As much fun as Burning Man can be, it can be pretty hard as well. This was one of those years. One of the biggest challenges was the weather. We had several days of high winds, which translated into dust storms. Even with goggles and a dust mask, it hard to go out and see the city when…you can’t even see the city. Consequently, there aren’t as many pictures here as there could have been with better weather.

Laura and I helped to run our camp, Que Viva! Camp, which meant getting there early and staying until after the event was over. Although the additional duties were taxing, I’m really pleased with the way our camp ran this year. Plus, we had brand new shade structure which sustained the high winds very well, while providing those campers with tents to have a comfortable place to live.

Many thanks and much love to my QV campmate, my lovely wife, Laura, and to all of the people of Black Rock City for helping to make this year a success.

Will I be going in 2016, which will be my 15th consecutive visit to the playa? Ask me around June…

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